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    phone/wechat/what's app: +86-18653810085

    Email: hongyuanmakela@163.com

    Taian Hongyuan Geosynthetics Co., Ltd.
    About Taian Hongyuan Products
    About Tai'an Hongyuan Geosynthetics

           Established in 2010, Taian Hongyuan Geosynthetics Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial enterprise, with the development, sale and production intelligence of geomembrane, geotextile, GCL(Geosynthetic clay liners) and geosynthetics materials. The band is “TAIAN HONGYUAN”, and the main product is geosynthetic clay liner.

           The total assets of our company is 7.149 million RMB, and the total area is about 36000 square meters while the building area is 20000 square meters.…【More】

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    Taian Hongyuan Geosynthetics Co., Ltd.

    Phone / Wechat / What's app:+86-18653810085

    Telephone / Fax: + 86-538-6598877

    Email:  hongyuanmakela@163.com

    Website: www.imnmm.com

    Address: Jinghua Industrial Zone, NO. 88 Leigushi Street, Taishan Industrial Park, Taian City, Shandong Province, China

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